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March 06, 2007



I only call you Mohamed because I'm a Brit and ignore all social protocol, hahaha.

Love your 5 'truths' ... and you should come to my house, it's gaming central there.

Hope to see you soon,

R [or you can call me Campbell]

Dina Mehta

hey salim .. thanks for tagging me ...i got snared up in December on this ...

now i "know" you :)



It'll be like kindergarten for me coming over to your gaming central home pad. I'd be too embarrassed... :-)


Hey Dina,

I dig your blog whenever I get a chance. We in the agency planning discipline don't get to do or do as much justice to the details of understanding consumers like you do. So been a fan of your thoughts and methodologies.

Glad to finally say 'Hi' to you. Should keep in touch more often. And pls give me a shout if you are headed to Singapore. Would love to meet up and prick on your brains for some much needed ethnography wisdom.

And thanks for sharing you 5 hidden truths!!!

Nike Dunks

I am very interested in your blog! Involuntary people liked it! Very beautiful people in the enjoyment! I am lucky to see it! I do feel honored

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